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Workshops for Building a Strong Future

Heather Reylek, SIDC Chair

Tue 6/6, 2:51 PM
Fellow Island Democrat,
We are excited to be kicking off a series of platform development and strategic planning workshops on Tuesday, June 20th, and are requesting your participation in joining a newly formed working group.
As we think ahead to this fall's election and beyond, we want to use this time to step back and engage all Island Democrats in reflecting on our shared values and vision for a better Shelter Island so that we may develop a road map for the future. We need your valuable feedback and perspective to help us formulate an issues platform and party strategy that is responsive to all Democrats and representative of our aspirations.
This is an bold new way of thinking about Democratic strategy for Shelter Island and we are hoping you will join the effort and help us be architects for a better future for the community we call home.
The first workshop will be on Tuesday, June 20th, 5:00 pm at:
The Reylek's- 97 North Ferry Rd.
This first session will focus on articulating our shared Democratic and Progressive values, and draw meaningful parallels between the global and national issues we care so deeply about, and the Island specific issues we are faced with here at home. We'll spend time finding out what matters to you, and why, and draw clear distinctions between our ideals and those of our Republican counterparts.
In two subsequent sessions we'll solidify our position on issues and develop a short and long term strategy for our party.
Please RSVP to We hope you will want to be part of this engaging process. These are not fundraisers. The two remaining sessions will be held on July 11th and August 8th.
We need your help. There's a lot going on in the world around us. Now is the time to be engaged and work on making a difference. Change starts at home and we need your insight and inspiration to develop a vision for a better Shelter Island. We really are stronger together.