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About Us

Executive Committee

  • Heather Reylek, Chair
  • Catherine F. Brigham, Vice Chair
  • Robert F. Reylek, Treasurer
  • William G. Mastrogiacomo, Secretary

The Shelter Island Democratic Committee

Shelter Island Democratic Committee members are part of over 1,300 Suffolk residents, of Suffolk's ten towns, who are members of the Suffolk County Democratic Committee. We are the volunteers whose grassroots activities give our candidates the edge in tough campaigns. We are united by principles and philosophy and we work together to make sure that our elected officials embody our beliefs.

Executive Committee

This committee is composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. It is the business of these individuals and to lead the entire committee in raising money, screening candidates and organizing campaigns and our convention. The Executive Committee knows that the success of the Democratic Party is due to the work and dedication of many persons.

The Town Democratic structure

Each of Suffolk's ten towns has its own Democratic Committee, with a chairperson and officers who serve the Town's Democratic committee persons. Towns are geographically divided into Election Districts and each district has two Democratic committee persons, responsible to serve the voters in that neighborhood. Shelter Island has four Election Districts and the town committee members are simultaneously members of the Suffolk County Democratic Committee.