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Shelter Island Proposition #3 Passes


Today's Shelter Island Proposition #3 PASSES Unofficial results

This afternoon, S.C. Board of Elections finished counting the remaining absentee and affidavit ballots and Proposition #3 has passed by 15 votes.

We want to once again thank Shelter Islanders for showing up at the polls and continuing to set high voter turnout rates. We also want to congratulate Mary Faith Westervelt for her re-election as Town Judge, Fred Thiele for his as our State Assemblyman, and Democrats across the State and Country who won and defied all predictions. Finally, we are delighted that Proposition 3 passed but are cognizant that it was with the slimmest of margins. We will continue to work towards rallying more Islanders in support of this important and critical cause, and ensuring that the next steps in this long process are conducted in the best interests of our Island.

​Heather Reylek, Shelter Island Democratic Committee