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Bellone Applauds Cuomo's Plan to Provide Middle Class Tax Relief


Suffolk County Executive-Elect Steve Bellone's comments on Governor Cuomo's agreement with the State Legislature on his economic stimulus plan and middle class taxpayer relief:

"Governor Cuomo's jobs plan recognizes that the best approach for state and local governments to balance their budgets is through economic growth. By providing relief to middle class taxpayers, the plan will help businesses large and small here in Suffolk County and across New York State, allowing for the creation of new jobs and investment. I thank Governor Cuomo for his hard work on this stimulus plan that will help our state's recovery from the economic recession.

"This reduction in the MTA payroll tax will provide much needed tax relief to suburban businesses and be a jolt to the local economies, without taking any funding out of the transit system. This compromise is ideal because it benefits businesses and riders."